Thursday, September 07, 2006

28. Sons of the Rapture

by Todd Dills

We are doing things over at the GB Book Club, let me tell you. First and foremost, we've instituted a weekly, Wednesday feature, the first of which is my review of Sons of the Rapture by Todd Dills. Todd is something of a name in the Chicago lit scene, so getting to review his first novel is kind of cool. It's a bizarre story to be sure, but it's well-written and that always wins you points with me. Zach at Featherproof put up a nice little link to it and it always kind of tickles me when publishers or authors like my reviews because they'd be the first to stand their distance if you said something bad or just wrote a generally crappy review, right? So I guess I did okay.

Anyway. Go read the review. Then check out the book if it sounds like something you'd like. It's all I'm sayin'.


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