Sunday, July 16, 2006

19. Coffee Will Make You Black

by April Sinclair

Coffee Will Make You Black is our August choice for the GB book club, and here I've written a nice little introduction. (Note that we now have our own page - whooo!) I have to point out that, as someone who doesn't often read an entire book in one day, I read almost all of this book in one day. It's that fast of a read and it's also that enjoyable to warrant the single-day read. I did really like, although, as I say in the intro, I do wish Sinclair had taken more time to explore some of the heavy topics she touches on. These very serious ideas of race, sexuality, and identity shape her protagonist and her story, but they just sit there instead of serving as a jumping off point for a more indepth exploration. Perhaps the fact that this is a young adult book has something to do with it, but regardless of that and regardless of my singular criticism, Coffee is a worthwhile read.

And, if any of my Chicago readers find they want to pick it up, stop by our meeting in August (details on the GB page). This will be my first time actually leading the discussion, so wish me luck and come say hi if you can.


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