Friday, May 13, 2005

19. The Time Traveler's Wife

by Audrey Niffenegger

So I haven't officially finished re-reading this book, but I read it before when I interviewed Audrey for Bookslut and I volunteered my thorough knowledge of the book to write this month's Gapers Block Book Club review. (Alice deserves a break every now and then.) As I'm re-reading it, though, I'm realizing that this book is good. Really fucking good. I knew that before, but at the time I had just started reviewing books and it was difficult for me to really get into those books. I had to kind of separate myself from the story in order to read it analytically. I always knew I wanted to re-read The Time Traveler's Wife (I'm much more skilled at reading for pleasure and analysis in tandem now) and this was the perfect chance to do it. And it is even more awesome than I realized the first time around. It may make my list of all time favorite books. That's a difficult list to make, but I am in love with this story and this writing and I can see myself re-reading it many more times.


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