Monday, January 03, 2005

The Introduction

I’ve been mulling around with the idea of keeping a book log for a while now. First it was just an excel spreadsheet of who I read, what I read, and the order in which I read it. Then I tired of doing that and kept up by keeping posting notes at the end of my journal entries of the day’s current reads. Not much hassle there…but I think I might want more than that. I think I might want a book blog.

One daunting thing about this is that I already feel like I spend so much time on my computer, analyzing other people’s words, that I don’t have much free time to just read. And when I do get that time, I don’t want to have to think about the author’s word usage, continuity, or relevance to a greater social paradigm. Except that even when I’m reading purely for pleasure, I think about all of those things anyway.

In lieu of any New Year’s resolutions (save for get fabulous job, marry George Clooney, write Great American Novel, though not necessarily in that order), I’m committing to the 52 Books 52 Weeks challenge, basically, to read one book a week through the end of the year. I have no idea what my yearly book average is – I never actually kept up those spreadsheets throughout the entire year – but I’m up to the challenge. And as for the other daunting thing about this, I don’t plan on recording my thoughts on these books too in depth. No thousand word diatribes here. A couple hundred should do the trick. (Although, I’ll be including those books I review for Bookslut because they do take up a significant portion of my time. I’ll just post a link to the review when it gets published.)

So, it is without hesitation that I invite you, Dear Readers, to pull up a cushy chair, grab a velvety pillow and a warm blanket, make sure you have enough cream in your coffee, and adjust the lights to your liking. First on the list are Thy Brother’s Wife by Andrew M. Greeley, about whom I will present an amusing story upon completion, and Under Her Skin by Pooja Makhijani, a future Bookslut column. Welcome to Exxie’s Book Lounge. I hope you’ll like it here.


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